Your listeners demand the best … Virtual News Center Delivers

With Virtual News Center, you’ll enjoy the qual­ity and con­sis­tency of our expe­ri­enced staff. With more than 25 anchors & reporters, we have a match for nearly every demo­graphic tar­get. Not only do you get the con­sis­tency and mar­ket knowl­edge of an assigned anchor or team, but the secu­rity of a bench deeper than most large-​​market news­rooms. And it’s all backed up by the most exten­sive, reli­able com­mu­ni­ca­tion and deliv­ery sys­tem in the remote news industry.

You’d be hard-​​pressed to find a more qual­i­fied news staff in any newsroom:

  • Twelve Bachelor’s Degrees. Four indi­vid­u­als have a BA in Journalism. One has a BA in Journalism and a BS in Geo-​​sciences. One has a BA in Political Science/​Communications earned con­cur­rently with a BA in Secondary Education, focus on Communications. One has a BA in Communications. One holds a BA in Telecommunications, one a BS in Social Science, and the last degree holder earned a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies.
  • Twenty National Edward R. Murrow Awards includ­ing 4 Best Newscasts, 3 Continuing Coverage (one of them at the Network level), 4 Spot News, and three peo­ple who played promi­nent roles in their sta­tions earn­ing mul­ti­ple Overall Excellence awards.
  • Three Emmys (Radio). One per­son also has awards in TV and sportscasting.
  • Approximately 40 Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards (sev­eral of us stopped count­ing after 10).
  • Nine AP awards for Enterprise and one for Investigative Reporting
  • Three SPJ Awards
  • More than 60 AP awards in 11 states … count­ing only the awards earned in each states’ large mar­ket categories.

Newscast sam­ples and bios are avail­able at the links below. Affiliates have access to our sup­port sec­tion, which includes higher-​​quality images and more detailed staff back­grounds for use in news releases, sta­tion web­sites and sales presentations.

Currently Available Anchors/​Reporters

  • jmonacelli-avatar    Jayme Monacelli    Availability: AM Drive (Location: Kansas City)
  • ehisted-avatar    Ed Histed    Availability: Morning Drive /​​ Middays (Location: North Carolina)
  • jformicola-avatar    Jack Murphy    Availability: Weekends (Location: North Carolina)
  • nbusko-avatar    Nikolai Busko    Availability: Morning Drive /​​ Middays (Location: New York)
  • dyoung-avatar    Debbie Young    Availability: AMD/​​PMD, all time zones.
  • dmurley-avatar    Don Murley    Availability: MidDay, PM Drive (Location: Pennsylvania)
  • mfoster-avatar    Mary-​​​​Lynn Foster    Availability: AM Drive (Location: Illinois)

Other Members of the VNC Team

We have addi­tional team mem­bers avail­able for inter­ested sta­tions. However, their pro­files are being with­held at their request. Please con­tact us for more infor­ma­tion about these people.