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We’ve made basic infor­ma­tion avail­able on this page answer­ing our most frequently-​​asked questions.

  • Can I choose my anchor?    Usually. There are some of our anchors who have lim­ited avail­abil­ity. Our usual prac­tice is to offer one or sev­eral anchors for you to choose from as we build your cus­tom solution.
  • How does Virtual News Center obtain news sto­ries?    We use the infor­ma­tion flow that presently comes into your news­room and make calls when needed. We col­late and write it to pro­duce your news­casts. We also use the addi­tional infor­ma­tion avail­able on the web — for instance, when a local per­son makes the news in some other part of the coun­try — to add to …
  • How does Virtual News Center work?    Virtual News Center com­bines the most-​​​​experienced, highest-​​​​quality anchors and reporters with exclu­sive tech­nol­ogy to pro­vide a con­cise, com­plete, robust news prod­uct that meets your station’s eco­nomic and strate­gic goals. Virtual News Center does the same things a local news per­son or staff does — mon­i­tor­ing sources, mak­ing phone calls, and all the other tasks that make a local …
  • How long is my con­tract?    If you’ve signed up for FAQ access, click the ques­tion to find out.
  • How will I receive my news­casts?    Virtual News Center reports are deliv­ered via web or FTP download.
  • Will you read spon­sor­ships?    Sure, we’ll be happy to! Please login to find out more.

We under­stand you may need more infor­ma­tion as you make a deci­sion, and have made addi­tional details avail­able via a sim­ple (and free) signup that asks only your name and email. We will not share either, ever.

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