The Virtual News Center Value Proposition

Your news prod­uct is as unique as your station

For that rea­son, Virtual News Center’s pric­ing is 100% cus­tom, based specif­i­cally on your needs. There’s no use pay­ing for what you don’t need! Many of our cus­tom plans fall into the gen­eral mod­els listed below. To get a ball­park price, con­sider what you’d pay a per­son in-​​house to cover a sin­gle day­part. Each $ in the model pric­ing is 14 to 13 the money you would pay a full-​​time staffer.

Is Virtual News Center is avail­able for your sta­tion on barter?  to find out.

As an exam­ple, our full-​​service Virtual Newsroom pric­ing per day­part is gen­er­ally about half the base salary cost of a full-​​time, expe­ri­enced per­son, with­out the extra cost of ben­e­fits or  wor­ries about vaca­tions, sick days or other dis­trac­tions.  Virtual News Center delivers!

All ser­vice lev­els include:

  • Virtual News Center becomes part of the news flow in your mar­ket. We get on your local email dis­tri­b­u­tion and fax lists. You have a pri­vate email address and fax num­ber that is avail­able to cap­ture story ideas, news releases, tips and the like. As part of our intro­duc­tion to your market’s news­mak­ers, we encour­age them to include us on their news release lists.
  • Branding to meet the pre­sen­ta­tion and posi­tion­ing goals of your sta­tion or clus­ter. Multiple-​​station brand­ing is avail­able if needed.
  • The pro­pri­etary Virtual News Center deliv­ery sys­tem. More reli­able than most satellite-​​delivered ser­vices, our fully-​​redundant, multi-​​city server infra­struc­ture has bet­ter than 99.99% uptime. Your news­casts are deliv­ered in WAV or MP3 for­mat, named as your automa­tion sys­tem expects them to be for auto­matic import.
  • The deep­est bench in the indus­try. Forget the has­sles of fill­ing for vaca­tion or sick days! You’re also cov­ered for major news that takes an all-​​hands-​​on-​​deck approach.

Recommended Add-​​ons:

  • News for your web­site (Facebook, Twitter, etc): We post the local sto­ries pro­duced in each mar­ket to a web­site we host. The sto­ries can also be posted to your main web­site, Facebook page, or Twitter feed. Our pub­lish­ing back-​​end sup­ports direct pub­lish­ing to most of the open-​​source web­site man­age­ment sys­tems. Stories posted include text and actu­al­i­ties, and we’ll soon offer pod­cast capa­bil­i­ties from our online posting.
  • Local phone num­ber: if actu­al­i­ties are impor­tant to your news­cast, we’ve found peo­ple are more likely to call back when the num­ber is “right here” than if we’re call­ing from a toll-​​free num­ber or a long-​​distance num­ber. For a low monthly fee, we can setup a local num­ber in most com­mu­ni­ties that you can adver­tise as your news line num­ber. Our tech­nol­ogy directs that call to your Virtual News staff wher­ever in the US they are.
  • Audio News for your web­site: let lis­ten­ers stream the on-​​air cast right from your site. There are no ongo­ing fees asso­ci­ated with this, but a small one-​​time setup fee for inte­grat­ing the audio with a player on your site.

 With Virtual News Center, you’ll never again worry about

  • news staff pay­roll taxes, work comp, unem­ploy­ment taxes
  • news staff benefits
  • cov­er­ing sick time and vaca­tion time
  • idle staff time
  • train­ing some­one to be a news per­son, only to lose them to a larger market