Virtual News Center is America’s LOCAL Newsroom

Effective local radio news can be hard … and expen­sive.
Virtual News Center exists to bring you and your lis­ten­ers qual­ity local news pre­sented on-​​air and online … for less than you’d expect. Survey after sur­vey have shown your lis­ten­ers crave local con­tent that’s rel­e­vant and inter­est­ing to them. Virtual News Center pio­neered the field of remotely pro­duced local radio news in 2005. Let us show you how to improve the qual­ity of your station’s local news — with­out drain­ing your wal­let. Many sta­tions are eli­gi­ble for barter!

Hear Virtual News Center now:

Virtual News Center is your local news — gath­ered, writ­ten, and deliv­ered by our anchors. It’s the most cost-​​effective way to deliver local news in today’s econ­omy. A Virtual news anchor and team of reporters is avail­able for your mar­ket now at a price point that’s typ­i­cally half the cost of a full-​​time per­son. Virtual News Center is also avail­able for barter.

From headline-​​style news­casts in morn­ing drive to longer-​​form con­tent through­out the day, Virtual News Center can be com­pletely cus­tomized to fit your strate­gic goals and sta­tion sound. Your Virtual News Center oper­ates just as your local news­room would. It can be as sim­ple as sev­eral web site checks daily or as involved as multiple-​​county beat calls, news­maker inter­views, and writ­ing up the most inter­est­ing sto­ries from the daily police blotter.

Here are some exam­ples of how sta­tions use Virtual News Center:

Today’s Top News

The essence of a jour­nal­ist is their abil­ity to col­late the most rel­e­vant, up-​​to-​​date infor­ma­tion from mul­ti­ple sources and present it in a form that’s mean­ing­ful to your lis­ten­ers. Our team scours as many as 100+ sources per mar­ket, along with the email flow from your local news sources, pro­duc­ing the highest-​​quality news­cast at the low­est price point.

Newsmaker Sound

Virtual News Center reporters make calls to news mak­ers to fol­low up on selected sto­ries gleaned from our exten­sive source lists and the news­room email flow. Of course, this is more time-​​intensive than sim­ply col­lat­ing and deliv­er­ing, so your invest­ment is greater.

Be sure to look at our sur­vey as you weigh the benefit/​investment deci­sion — news maker sound often doesn’t make a dif­fer­ence to listeners!

One Plus Us

This approach often is the best bal­ance of keep­ing your pres­ence in the com­mu­nity high and dra­mat­i­cally improv­ing the qual­ity of your news pre­sen­ta­tion. With Virtual News Center’s pop­u­lar One Plus Us approach, you main­tain one or more local staff mem­bers — be they DJ’s, sales staff or interns — to attend the impor­tant local events, gather sound, and upload it to us to craft sto­ries around. Our team still col­lates, writes and deliv­ers your con­tent, giv­ing you the high­est qual­ity and most effi­cient use of your local resources.

Other ways sta­tions use VirtualNews Center to Increase Quality & Reduce Expense

  • Expand Reporter Staff & Story Count (KNWZ/​Palm Springs, CA)
  • Web-​​Only Content (Radionomy/​Worldwide)
  • What’s your idea?